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Business Woman SmilingThank you so much for taking the time to express your interest in working with Goodwill Industries of Akron.  Your application has been received and will be reviewed by the hiring manager for further consideration and they will reach out directly if your work experience and skills are the best fit for the position.

Because we are a mission driven agency and our mission is “to help individuals prepare for, find and retain employment,” we would like to provide you with the following information to help you in your job/career search.

Measure your Skills

If you would like to measure your software or technical skills we can set you up with testing on the site below. Please email Christine Fontaine at

You can also measure skills through the ACT/Workkeys site below and testing is currently free in Ohio through the local OMJ Centers.

If you would like to update or gain additional computer software skills, free tutorials are available on the following site:

If you need help identifying skills for a resume or want to research other career paths, the following sites may be helpful:

Using the Ohio Career Information Systems site below you initially access with the following ID and Password and then can create your own

User ID-goodwillakr, Password-ohiocis03

Because Goodwill of Akron offers recruiting assistance to other local businesses, you can become part of our talent database by sending your resume to Jack Friend at

When sending your resume to us for this purpose please indicate the types of jobs you are seeking, your desired commute distance and the salary range you are willing to accept. If our recruiters have a match they will reach out directly to you.

Preparing for a Job Search

After your recent application to Goodwill we sent you some career information to assist in helping you prepare for your job search as this is part of our Mission to “help individuals prepare for, find and retain employment.”

Whether you are in process of a position with Goodwill or another company, we wanted to reach out to provide some further resources to assist in your career endeavors.

If you are a student we strongly encourage you to utilize the services of your Career Center and to participate in internships and volunteer opportunities.

Goodwill offers volunteer and internship opportunities that may be especially helpful to students pursuing education in the social sciences.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with Goodwill please contact Heather Schaefer, Volunteer Services Coordinator at (330) 724-6995 x 426 or

After you have prepared your resume and cover letter and revised them to match the job description to which you are applying, there are many avenues where you can search available jobs and some have been listed below

To find out about other Workforce Development Services available in your area visit Ohio Means Jobs location.

Popular Job Search Websites

LinkedIn is a great social media tool to research companies and gain networking contacts.

Of course online job sites and social media can only do part of the work. Networking is a critical part of your job search. Successful networking starts with brainstorming a list of additional contacts who might be able to tell you about job openings or give you names of other people to talk to. Take some time to make a list of individuals you know in the following categories:

  • Neighbors
  • Family members
  • Personal friends
  • Classmates
  • Members of your worship community
  • Parents of your children’s friends
  • Employees of stores or offices you visit
  • Acquaintances you see at class, clubs, the gym, and social events
  • Other people


Looking over the list of people above, circle those you’d feel most comfortable approaching first, as well as those who may have a broad personal network of their own.

Goodwill Industries of Akron also provides individual job search assistance and you can contact Mick Rogers at (800) 989-8428 to learn more about how we can assist you with your career goals.
Retaining Employment
When starting a new job, most people expect that they’ll have a bit of a learning curve before getting comfortable and eventually excelling.  But the learning doesn’t end there. Growing on the job is part of having a job—the trick is to grow quickly, developing to fit the position and performing its duties as accurately and thoroughly as possible.

Here are a few ways that you can build on the skills that got you hired and excel on the job:

  • Work with a mentor. Establishing a relationship with a more experienced worker, even somebody from outside your field or expertise, can help you work on skills specific to your workplace or company—how to work with team members, communicate with leadership and other issues.
  • Talk to your heroes. Who are the people at work who just have “it?” They could have a job that you’d like to grow into, or they could be the office superstar. While they may not want to take on a formal mentoring role with you, they may be open to some conversations over lunch. Take the time to talk about what they feel makes them successful, and consider how you can emulate that.
  • Keep working on your soft skills. What are some of your overall weaknesses as a worker? Do you struggle with deadlines? Clash with others on your team? You can read up on techniques to help with your soft skills, or you can work with a mentor to help you with those skills. Your supervisor can help, too, if you’re comfortable asking him or her for advice.
  • Job shadowing on the job. Job shadows are good for a person who is exploring jobs and career fields, but they can be effective tools for improving in your current job or seeing how you need to develop to move into a different role, especially a leadership one.
  • Get involved. If you want to keep working on your skills or learn some new ones, a great way to do that is to volunteer for projects that relate to your job without already being your responsibility. Not only will you learn to apply your skills in a new way, but you may pick up a few additional tools, a different perspective and some valuable experience.

As you grow, you’ll also want to make yourself available to help people the way that others helped you. Becoming a trusted part of the team, even a leader, can open up more professional opportunities for you.

Please also keep track of your accomplishments and results on the job that benefit your employer. If you have made improvements to the job, received customer service awards, been promoted, these are all things a prospective new employer will want to know as it demonstrates what you have to offer to them.

Before changing jobs read the article below as it contains some valuable insight that may help you decide if you are making the best decision.

We appreciate your time and hope the information we have provided in this series of emails has provided you with some helpful career information.

If you would like further assistance with career or job search information, please contact Mick Rogers at (800) 989-8428.

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