#12MonthsofThrifting: Leather Jacket

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A faux leather jacket is the perfect transitional piece so I’ve added it to the list of essentials to the #12MonthsofThrifting challenge.  Leather, or fake leather, is timeless so you can count on finding one at your local Goodwill Akron store. Every leather jacket I own came from a thrift store and the best part, I’ve purchased most of them in the middle of the summer. Pro thrift tip: you can shop off season at Goodwill Akron, as they carry coats and jacket all year round. So in the middle of July, when everyone else is on the hunt for a breezy maxi dress, you can duck into the coat aisle and have it all to yourself in preparation for fall!


I’ve collected a few leather jackets from Goodwill over the years, including a green, brown, and black one. My all time favorites, a black jacket with flowy collar, came from the Waterloo location in late spring during a Thrift Night Out event. I lost count of the number of times I’ve worn this jacket and it’s the first thing I pack when I travel. I’ve worn it everywhere from Florida to Australia!


cozy sweater


I realize that this can be an intimidating piece if you’re not used to wearing leather or faux leather, so I compiled a few of my favorite ways to incorporate one into your wardrobe:


  1. With a maxi skirt or dress
  2. With a romper. Cold outside? Add tights!
  3. With a t-shirt
  4. With a cozy sweater
  5. With a monochromatic look. Try wearing all pink, black or gray and the jacket will stand out as a statement.
  6. With florals: add contrast to a feminine piece with a leather jacket.

*All leather jackets featured here purchased from Goodwill Akron!


Fall Maxi Skirt


brown and black-2

Neons & Neutrals-4



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About the Challenge

12 Months of Thrifting is designed to help you build a functional wardrobe on a budget. Each prompt represents an essential and staple wardrobe piece you will be able to wear for seasons to come. Each month Dina’s Days and Goodwill Akron share tips on ways you can thrift and wear each of these prompts. Share your finds using the tag #12Monthsof Thrifting on social media.


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