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Why Choose Goodwill…

Not all thrift stores are charities. Some thrift stores are operated by for-profit companies, yet they solicit donations under the name of a charity. In these cases, potential donors usually are not informed of the arrangement between the charity and the for-profit company. As little as five percent of the money generated from these donations may actually go to the charity. The for-profit entity may control the entire operation, from solicitation to the resale of goods.

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Making an informed choice

 You can make sure your donations are benefiting the people who need them most by asking a few key questions:

  • Will your donation be used to support a cause you believe in?
  • What percentage of the revenues generated by your donation will be sold? Or is the store run by a for-profit operation?
  • If the store is run by a for-profit, how will your donation help people in need?

If you aren’t satisfied with the answers to any of these questions, consider becoming a regular contributor to Goodwill Industries. When you donate to Goodwill, you help people start new lives of independence by discovering the power of work.

*Information provided by Goodwill International Industries Inc. in Rockville, Maryland

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