DIY: The Chop

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DIY Chop Examples

Hello everyone! Abby here – I hope you all are staying safe (and sane) – we’ve been working outside as much as possible: planting vegetables, editing, putting down mulch, all that type of stuff. It’s so great to be outside, even if it’s just enjoying a snack on our porch.

BUT when it’s gross and rainy outside, and we are stuck indoors, there is nothing better than an easy craft project. I’ve recently emerged from a creative funk, and it feels too good! They say the hardest part is getting started, and I have to say that’s so true. I also found some “extra” time (the baby is napping more consistently), so saving that for creative projects is also key.

Today, I’m going to share one of these easy projects: the CHOP (this video makes me miss thrifting with friends so much, and with Goodwill stores opening back up, it won’t be long before we can get back to it – responsibly, of course – in the video about 10:11 they get into the CHOP) – it’s literally the easiest way to make something you weren’t wearing into something you want to wear.

Our family has done a few CHOPs over the past few weeks: A button-down that was too long (chopped – the perfect crop top), jeans with a hole in the knee (chopped – the perfect shorts), another button-down with a hole in the armpit (sleeves chopped off – the perfect tank button-down).

I had a few pairs of jeans and a corduroy skirt hanging around that I wanted to re-purpose somehow …DUH – the CHOP.

To do your own chop at home, you’ll need the following:

  1. Scissors (really the only thing you need for a CHOP)
  2. White Crayon (something to mark with)
  3. A straight edge (ruler, piece of paper, whatever works)
  4. A safety pin or straight pin
  5. Something to CHOP
Jeans and skirt to CHOP

To get started, try on your item you want to chop – for me, my corduroy skirt and two pairs of jeans. Measure where you want to chop, and mark it with a pin (or a pen/marker/crayon). I’ve always been a fan of the fingertip length rule we had in high school, so measured all of my items that way – i.e. when my arms are placed at my sides, wherever the bottom of my fingertips hit is where I’ll CHOP (plus a little bit of extra in case you want to go back and hem, which is what I did with my skirt OR you want to have a sweet cuff).

Remove your item, lay it on a flat surface, and finish marking your chop line – I used a piece of scrap paper to mark all the way across my skirt and jeans.

Marking skirt to CHOP

Once you are confident with your chop line, feel free to chop away! I marked the line of my skirt with pins because it was a longer line than my jeans, so wanted to be extra super sure. Big fan of measuring twice, cutting once.

Example of CHOPED Skirt

This corduroy skirt went from too long to just right!

Repeat this process as much as you want on all of the items you want!

A pair of black jeans with a frayed hem, became the perfect summer shorts for an eventual return to the flea and thrifting!

measuring black jeans

A pair of jeans that I didn’t love the cut of, became the perfect pair of shorts to wear on conference calls (it’ll be our little secret)!

Measuring jeans

What are you excited to CHOP? I have a dress that I think would work better as a top, so it will be on the “chopping block” soon!

Stay crafty and stay in touch on social, @goodwillakron and @bottesdeleanor!


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