18 Ways to LOVE Your Habits, Your Home and Others This Valentine’s Day

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There are various stories on the origin of Valentine’s Day and they all emphasize love. So whether you have a romance to celebrate or not, why not spend some time this February to show love to yourself, your home and to others? As a Professional Organizer, many of my clients desire to establish habits that will make them feel less overwhelmed. I share six of these habits that you can try today! Our home can be a sanctuary by making very slight adjustments in our spaces. While de-cluttering your home, share the love with others by using the six questions below to edit the stuff in your life.

LOVE your habits










o Don’t put it down, put it away
o Commit to sorting mail immediately
o Completing laundry means finishing the last step of “putting it away”
o Make your bed each morning
o Do your best to make a decision. 90% of clutter is due to not making a decision.
o Commit to a daily pick up

LOVE your home










o Surround your home with items you love and enjoy, remove the clutter!
o Use colors and textures that make you happy
o Add flowers in your space to bring some cheer.
o Clean up the dust and clutter by playing “beat the clock”- see how much you can get done in 20                    minutes. Keep playing until you are finished.
o Get the electronics out of the bedroom to bring more calm
o Make sure your mattress and furniture are comfortable

Donate items for others to LOVE










o Does clutter weigh you down? Tackle a small area first.
o Could someone use this [insert item here] more than me?
o Have your tastes changed and is it time to move this thing on?
o Are there small kitchen appliances that you never ever use?
o Do you own more towels and sheets that are necessary to your life?
o Could you live with less clothing?


Here’s to you!

Share your success with me at lynne@wholly-organized.com






Lynne Poulton is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®), Level II Hoarding Specialist and Owner of Wholly Organized!® LLC. Lynne partners with people of all ages to address the physical and emotional clutter in their lives to make room for what matters most.



email: lynne@wholly-organized.com



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