#12MonthsofThrifting Challenge May Prompt: Florals

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Welcome back to the 12 Months of Thrifting challenge! So this May, take a walk down thrifty lane and pull out all of your thrifted floral finds! Keep reading for tips on how to thrift and style floral print.

Why florals?

I picked florals for this month’s prompt not only because May is the perfect time to wear this print, but because it’s one of the easiest prints to find at secondhand stores. It’s also a beautiful print to wear year round, not just in the spring. I like to look for moody, dark florals in the fall and winter, pastels in the spring, and neons in the summer. It doesn’t matter when you wear them, florals are a happy print! And the most important thing about this challenge is to wear things that you love and make you feel happy.

From bold tropical to dainty florals, there are so many different styles. Whenever you fall on the “floral spectrum” the great news is they are fairly easy to style. Every month we break down three ways to wear the challenge prompt ranging from mild to bold! Which one is more your style?

floral clutch
flower necklace

If you need some time to warm up to the thought of floral print, try pairing any of these items with a neutral outfit:

  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Necklaces & Brooches
flower brooch pinned to clutch

I pinned a brooch on a thrifted clutch

If you’re ready to step it up in the floral department, try these:

● Maxi skirt: pair it with a neutral top to balance out the print
● Blazer: keep the rest pretty neutral or pull colors from the print to
create a cohesive look
● Blouse or tee: if you want to tone down the print, pair it with a vest,
blazer, or jacket.
● Sheer shawl: pair with a black tee, jeans, sandals

floral jacket
floral skirt
floral top

Welcome to floral fun! This is my favorite way to wear florals. These are my go-to bold floral pieces:

● Jumpsuits: I like to stick with a darker base like black and let the
florals pop.
● Maxi dresses: floral from head to toe? Count me in! I like to juxtapose
the feminine feel of florals with a masculine moto leather jacket.
● Pants: try wide leg or slim ankle pants with a neutral top and jacket

Be sure to share how you wear your florals with us using the tag #12MonthsofThrifting.

Stay safe and stylish!

Dina’s Days

A couple years ago, I styled this photoshoot with all Goodwill finds!
floral top

What is the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge?
The goal of the challenge is to help you add a “dash of thrift” to your outfits using 12 themes.

How to join
Save or take a screen shot of the schedule.

For each month in 2020, use the schedule to shop for a specific prompt at secondhand stores. Better yet, shop your own closet for these items you already own them!

Listen to the podcast, read the blog, or check IG and Facebook each month for styling and thrifting tips.

Share your outfits and finds with us on social using #12MonthsofThrifting


  • Use this schedule as an inspirational tool and not as a strict guide.
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy something you don’t want to buy.
  • Add these items to a running thrift list and don’t give up because you couldn’t find something right away (you probably won’t)
  • Shop your closet if you already own these items
  • Explore different ways to wear secondhand (online, borrow, clothing swaps, locally, ) but don’t buy or wear something you don’t love
  • Share your finds with @dinasdays, @goodwillakron and #12MonthsofThrifting
  • Relax and have fun
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