Leadership Staff

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Who We Are: Leadership Staff – Goodwill Industries of Akron, Ohio, Inc.

President’s Office

Nancy Ellis McClenaghan – President and CEO  email: nmcclenaghan@goodwillakron.org

Finance and Administrative Services

Tim Sisler – Advisory Chief Financial Officer  email: tsisler@goodwillakron.org

Debra Furgerson – Director of Financial Reporting & Accounting  email: dfurgerson@goodwillakron.org

Jim Bouplon – Director of Information Technology  email: jbouplon@goodwillakron.org

Jeff Sibley – Facilities Director   email: jsibley@goodwillakron.org

Michelle Davids – Project Manager   email: mdavids@goodwillakron.org

Mission Services & Public Relations

Greg Morton- Vice President, Mission Services & Public Relations  email: gmorton@goodwillakron.org

Kelley Bush – Director of Mission Services  email: kbush@goodwillakron.org

Christine Fontaine – Director of Career Services  email: cfontaine@goodwillakron.org

Jack Friend – Business Relations Manager  email: jfriend@goodwillakron.org

Jennifer Bako – Internal & External Communications Manager   email: jbako@goodwillakron.org

Denis Robinson – Director, Human Resources  email: drobinson@goodwillakron.org

Gina Shook – Specialty Donated Goods Manager email: gshook@goodwillakron.org

Marsha Royal – Manager, Case Management, Summit County  email: mroyal@goodwillakron.org

Erin Grzegorek – Manager, Case Management, Outlying Counties  email: egrzegorek@goodwillakron.org

Contract Services & Logistics

Janet Morrison– Vice President, Contract Services & Logistics   email: jmorrison@goodwillakron.org

Richard Barth – Assembly Manager    email: rbarth@goodwillakron.org

Al Sardelle – Sewing Manager   email: asardelle@goodwillakron.org

Sarah Lynner – Transportation Manager   email: slynner@goodwillakron.org

Ron Cerosky – Donated Goods Manager  email: rcerosky@goodwillakron.org

Retail Operations

Dee Dee Collura – Vice President, Retail Operations    email: dcollura@goodwillakron.org


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